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In the days of old, when it was time for war, it was declared by David that those who were not participants in the battle were to share in the spoils! 

Many of the men of Ziklag were not able to go into the heat of battle. In which case they were too weak, exhausted, not in the best of health but stayed by the brook caring for those in the fight. Able bodied but not for the front lines, they spent their time caring for David and his military by delivering water, food, weapons & supplies. Though they weren’t in the battle they participated in the war. 

When the battle was won, everyone in the camp shared in the spoils of war! Not everyone is able to travel for the work of missions but everyone is able to participate in the Soul Winning ministry. The beauty and the blessing is the promise of sowing. Jesus promises Us increase on our sowing, some 30, some 60 and some 100 fold but for all miracles, abundance, blessings and health! 

Sending out evangelists & missionaries is one of the greatest ministries to sow into. We are in the process of organizing over 300 plus pastors, leaders & believers for the equipping of the saints to strategically evangelize their communities, workplaces, schools, cities and even states. 

The Rise has a mandate to raise pure Soul Winning ministries in churches that do not have the office of evangelism operating efficiently in their church, or even at all.

Thats not all, we unite Pastors & leaders from different denominations, activating their congregations to go into their communities to share the love of Jesus by connecting hurting people to resources they need in finding success for their daily lives. From basic needs like food and clothing to shelter and mental health services. We see people experience miracle healings, suicidal find hope, restoration of families, and breakthroughs of all kinds, in the lives of so many. Literally heaven will touch Tens and hundreds of thousands this year. Together we can lead the lost into the Presence of the Lord! How exciting is that? You may not be able to go with us but you can join us by the brook. 

Ginger & I need you, we want you to be a part of this amazing opportunity. You can only imagine taking the Gospel all over the world can be very costly. We need housing, meals, travel costs, supplies & transportation which includes gas & miscellaneous items. Yes, it adds up quickly but with your support, we can see precious people saved, filled with God’s power and given the resources they need for future success.

Winning the multitudes through the love of Jesus and the His gospel of salvation along with miracles, signs, wonders and the demonstration of God’s power. Would you consider contributing $20, $50, $100 or more monthly? Help us work toward our missions and calling. Together, we will touch lives connecting hearts and spirits to their destinies, where no one else can, across the continents & around the world.

On behalf of Ginger & I, we thank you in advance for your support. 100% your contribution will go toward fulfillment of the work of the Kingdom.

One of the greatest gifts God gave to men is the gift of Missions! There is no greater reward than to watch Souls all around the world encountering Gods Presence!


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