Laconia Bike Week 91 SOULS

June 11-19,2022

S. Texas Awakening 450+ SOULS

Columbus Awakening 300+ SOULS

Hearts in Columbus are ripe for salvations

Hollywood, Fl. Crusade 350 SOULS

Not just preaching in eloquence but with the demonstration of power!

The Power of God!

PAKISTAN 30 SALVATIONS– GOD Moved powerfully!

Cooper City, Fl.

370 Souls


The greatest Evangelistic movement in this nations HIStory has begun!

Over 350 Pastors & Leaders are being trained to preach the Gospel to every soul. 72% Buddhist nation, less than 2% christian. Last year the Shangri La Hotel was blown up along w two christian churches. One church was terrorized by a gun man who killed many members. The Buddhists, Hindus & Muslims are at war w each other. Christians are being arrested beaten, persecuted & martyred!

Sawgrass Mills -Sunrise, Fl.

Winning hundreds of SOULS

American Awakening
Winning souls @ Sawgrass Mills Mall


Over 400 SOULS!



Listen to how Carol experienced the Presence of God

FT. Lauderdale & Fort Myers 300+ SALVATIONS

Reading, Uk

Revival broke out in a heavenly way! SIGNS, MIRACLES & WONDERS! Thousands of SOULS!
Journeying with God are recurrent MIND BLOWING experiences!

I never thought I’d see GOD shake a city. I seen the PRESENCE of GOD invade not just one city but many. Revival broke out in a small church in Reading and spread like wildfire and fan out west past the coast of the UK. It is now moving into Belgium, Germany, France and Scotland. Simply mind-blowing that I was part of the AMERICAN AWAKENING team that God used to bring about change in so many lives! In just one year this movement has sparked its flames in Reading, Liverpool, Southampton, Leicester, Bristol, Swansea, New Castle, Oxfordshire!

The way GOD moved on the streets of UK is indescribable! The UK Awakening had sprung. People were coming in droves, night after night, day after day! My perception of GOD, Jesus & the Holy Spirit forever changed. It made me realize the depths of GOD are eternal.

Anchorage, Alaska Crusade!

There are no words to accurately describe its beauty…BREATHTAKING  maybe!


GOD hit the streets with a demonstration of power
Through faith, fasting & prayer the demonstration of power is available to me…ME!

GOD blew my mind! My perspective entered into the dimensions of heaven.


Our mission- Over 60,000 souls reside in these three buildings! Little did I know that God was about to shake what is called Co-Op City! And that he did! This is where it became clear to me…my calling was in the streets of the world!

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